Good morning starts in the night

When it comes time to buy products for the furniture, Bartolini Design is an ideal choice because it combines the best products on the market with decades of experience and an excellent consultancy support which provides customized solutions, cut directly on customer needs. Research, innovation and quality, distinctive elements of Bartolini Design, have always prompted the company to partnerships with leading manufacturers in the industry, like Dorsal and A.I.F.I.
Comfortable and cozy for sleep but hygienic and ergonomic to take care of the spine. So it must be the perfect bed. A decade of research has shown that the balance between the component parts is essential, because even the best mattress is inefficient if it does not harmonize with the anatomical support. In fact, the mattress, the pillow should support and work together, support the back, assecondarne the natural form and react elastically each time. This is the best condition and more healthy for the rest and is the one the Dorsal bed system develops.


the first bed system born to be together

The important factors for a healthy rest, such a perfect microclimate and ergonomic comfort, contribute to our physical, mental and spiritual.

With this in Dorsal presents an innovative bed system: Marshmallow. Each year, during the resting phase, each of us loses up to 200 liters of liquid in sweating. With the bed system Zefiro body moisture does not stagnate but is dispersed through internal ventilation channels (patented TUBES) that guide it out of the bed system. This also prevents the formation of an environment favorable to bacteria and allergens. As a continuous Zefiro breath gives the system read a feeling of comfort and freshness, for a perfect microclimate and hygienic.

Made with raw materials from renewable resources, the Zefiro bed system is now the flagship of the Grand Soleil line, designed to offer a new dimension of quality of rest. Certificate for the absence of harmful substances to the human organism, Zephyr is produced with eco-friendly processes (CFC-free use) and is recyclable thermo.


The secret to long life: just sleep well

Dorsal Studio was founded by Elixir an innovative line of mattresses that can give all the best sleep possible.

Elixir is anatomical: it helps your body maintain a proper position during sleep, freeing it from tension and stiffness.
Elixir is rich in comfort: for a relaxing sleep and to really recuperate.
Elixir is bearing: also thought to heavy weights, suitable for all body types.
Elixir is thermo-regulating: to dissipate the excessive heat of the body which improves the physiology of the skin tissues.
Elixir is breathable: the moisture is absorbed and quickly released to eliminate the annoying nighttime awakenings due to sudden heat stroke.
Elixir is hygienic and hypoallergenic.


Support slats 100% wood FSC ®:
the forest in your bad

FSC® is a certification can ensure the process of product realization, which took place with wood from managed forests environmentally, socially and economically. The FSC® label on the product is a guarantee of transparency which allows you to make a more informed choice and more responsible purchase and is the necessary link between the forest and the consumer.


The pillow is complete for active relaxation

It must support properly, without squeezing, relax your neck vertebrae, muscles and nerve pathways involved.
The wide range of pillows we produce naturally adapts to the different needs.

Play grows with your child


Play is a revolutionary mattress for small children, that is formed by two different elements: the base with support function and a series of three different shaped top that respond to different morphologies of the body in the growth phase.
While your child changes and transforms over time, even his mattress will have to grow with it to avoid any deformation of the spine.
Thanks to Play Online you can buy today a mattress suited to your child’s specific height and weight, with the possibility in the years to replace the only top shaped, adapting to new needs and to their child’s growth.
Top interchangeable, made of Natur Memory contoured comfort with the cuts that create comfort zones with different lift to best accommodate the shape of the child’s body, giving way where necessary and giving more support to the heaviest segments so as to ensure a rest of the spine in the neutral position.
The ability to choose the best suitable according to the child’s size means that you can always get optimal support and maximum comfort while respecting the physiology of the spine throughout the evolutionary phase of growth.

Green Cotton®

Details make the difference, even in the bedroom. Green Cotton is the answer to a growing demand for natural and renewable raw materials, the production of environmentally safe processes to ensure humane working conditions.

The fabric Green Cotton is mainly made of organic cotton harvested by hand, no pesticide residues and provides all the familiar benefits of high quality cotton, such as comfort, breathability and freshness.


– Green Cotton fabric.
– Padding in hypoallergenic cotton with silver zeolites, 500 gr / m2 on both sides.
– Removable and washable thanks to practical zips open on all four sides that allows the independent cleaning of the two pieces.