“Since I was little, I worked with my parents in our family company and so I gained experience and nurtured passion for home furnishing.”

In 2007 I started my own company ,“ Bartolini Design”, which maintains my family’s
love for craftsmanship and offers custom made quality furniture by local carpenters.

Imagine now a seven-years company, with a thirty year long experience, that still keeps growing and evolving.

My passion for design pushes me to search for new ideas for inspiration. I’m never satisfied; I feel like there’s always more to learn from people and experience. In fact, I believe the financial crisis can be avoided if you are motivated and offer quality products at a fair price; everyday compentence and motivation can help you find a new path to your goals.


“We do care about our customers and we provide professional advice and support.”


“In my opinion a classic home is more elegant and warm, but a modern style can also be very impacting.”


“In these hard times, we should give up on expensive and unnecessary features to focus on long lasting quality furniture.”

All potential customers should contact us during the planning phase so we can elaborate the best layout according to personal needs, family members and plans for the future. A home should not be static, but evolving in time.

Personally, I’m not a minimalist; even a modern house should be cosy and appealing by a single special feature or many home accessories. However we shall not follow trends but respect our own personality and preferences.

Our company can also offer a budget-oriented furnishing system like other popular furniture retailers. However, choosing high quality products will ensure your items will last a lifetime. The policy of Bartolini Design expects our customers to come again to purchase more pieces for their homes, not to replace old ones.